Excerpts from my 5th grade journal

“Tonight was rollerskating it was fun. Katie, Anita, Carla, Jon and Bill were there. I told Josh a 5th grader that I like Dork (I erased her name and wrote dork…I’m not sure why) and I do but then he went and told her. That made me mad. It turns out she likes someone else. That was the news I was not hoping for. If you take that away I had a fun time. I fell two times that stinks”

“Today is summer I will be in a summer stock. I am going into 6th grade in September. We are about to finish our addition. FINALLY. Jeff in September will be in college. For 6th grade I might go to public school. YA. Rite now its 11:00 clock at night. I’m watching Taxi. Now that schools out I stay up late and watch a whole bunch of old shows. Like Cheers, Murphy Brown, Coach, and Honeymooners. Tomorrow I have a baseball. We are in second place. I play second base.”


About Doug O.

Doug is a cartoonist from Virginia. His work can be seen on Hamptonroads.com/yesterdayscoffee and Altdaily.com.
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