Spring Semester in Review through 10 Cartoons

1.Center for Honor Enrichment and Community Standards at CNU punishes students for off campus violations.
2.A fraternity on campus makes sexist rush T-shirts saying “ If you find this shirt on your gf’s floor please return to (Fraternity’s name), Giving women what they want since 1904”
Cartoon says “Mom, if you find this on my floor can you please put it in the laundry, Confirming social fraternity stereotypes since 1904”
3.CNU secures $6,000,000 in private funds to build a chapel.
Cartoon Says “You have landed on the Chapel please pay 6,000,000 dollars.
4.$2,500,000 secured to build a bell tower on campus
Cartoon says “Private donor donates Hunchback for new CNU bell tower.”
5.Trials and tribulations trying to register for classes.
6.Pi Lam gets booted off campus after a student member is rushed to the hospital to have their stomach pumped after fraternity party.
7.Sex column creates controversy on campus and upsets students.
8.Likalittle.com creates a stir on campus. It allows you to post about and try to connect with people you find attractive on campus. It adds a new level to the term “Stalker”
9.ZipCar is setup on campus to mixed reviews.
Cartoon Says “Zipcar? I’d rather have zip lines.”
10.Congrats to the Grads of 2011!!


About Doug O.

Doug is a cartoonist from Virginia. His work can be seen on Hamptonroads.com/yesterdayscoffee and Altdaily.com.
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